July 1948. On board the HMS Queen Elizabeth on our way to the New World. Left to right: me, Mother and John.

Dear Visitors,

I cordially welcome you to the web site of A Journey of Hope, where over a hundred pictures, keyed to the events in the book, are displayed.

I wrote A Journey of Hope (Lanham, Maryland: Hamilton Books, 2005 - ISBN 0-7618-3236-X) as a memorial to my father, as a tribute to my mother and as a diary of the voyage between despair and hope.

By the standards of the day and age in which I was born, I should have remained a marchand forain (itinerant merchant) all my life, living the life of an ambulatory seller of clothing (schmatta).

Instead, the Holocaust, my father's murder and a vision conceived with clarity in my teen age years combined to make that erstwhile schmatta seller first a sergeant in the United States Army and then a physician in Washington, DC. The dream came true.

This story is about

- a voyage from the Holocaust to a fulfilling professional and personal life.

- moving past loss to find life anew.

- lessons taken from the actions of a courageous mother, a charismatic cousin, an inspiring uncle and a stalwart brother.

- finding out what you didn't want - une vie sous les toles (a life under the tin) - and what you need to fulfill a dream.

- a book that will have its own existence and will outlive me and my memory.

I believe this story becomes clearer when it is also told in pictures. There was no room in the book for those except for the picture of my graduation from medical school on the front cover (publication exigencies precluded the inclusion of other pictures directly in the book).

The images in this web site are another way of sharing the experiences of the book. It makes the story told in A Journey of Hope more complete and alive.

Enjoy my story.

Oscar Mann, M.D. (retired)

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