John Mann praying at the Death Wall at Auschwitz Concentration Camp, July 1998.

John Mann's Pilgrimage to Auschwitz
In 1998 John Mann made a trip to Auschwitz (see chapter 7 in A Journey of Hope for his account of this voyage).

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Return to France
Photos from Le Bosc as it is today.

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John Mann with Pierre Mercadier's daughter-in-law (left), grand-daughter (center) and son (right).
Risa Mann. Marcel Steinberg, Viviane Steinberg - Naples, Florida, 2006.

Childhood Friends Today
See chapter 3 of A Journey of Hope. The Steinbergs and the Manns remain in close touch today.

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The Old Neighborhood
Pictures of my childhood places.

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Rue des Rosiers. The living heart of the Pletzl. August, 2002.
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