Rue de Sévigné circa 1953. My parents settled here when they first came to Paris. Please see Chapter 3.

Early Years
The life we led before World War II.

See a slide show of photos from my childhood and before.


The Advent of War
As the Germans entered France our lives changed dramatically.

See photos of occupied France and the effects of World War II on our lives.

A French policeman salutes a German officer in front of the Arc de Triomphe.

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Drancy, the internment camp my father was taken to upon his arrest on November 15, 1941.
My Father's Arrest
In 1941 my father was arrested by the French authorities. We have since found documents that have enabled us to reconstruct the events that led up to the end of his life.

See the documents and images related to my
father's arrest.

In 1998 John Mann made a pilgrimage to Auschwitz, the site of my father's murder. Those images are posted here, in the "All Things Pass" section of this website.

A Timeline of My Father's Final Months
1941   1942            
    November 15:
My father is arrested by French authorities and transferred to Drancy.
    January 27:
Transfer from French to German custody and sent to the Compiègne internment camp.
  March 27:
My father arrives at
  June 18-19:
My father is murdered during the night by the Nazis.
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